What is Tempering?
Tempering is a heat treatment.  What tempering does: Strengthens glass by 5 times. When tempered glass breaks, it shatters into countless small bits of glass, instead of large, sharp, chards.  This is why tempered glass is widely known as "Safety Glass".   After a piece of glass is put through the oven, and cooked at a blazing 1250 degrees, it becomes IMPOSSIBLE to alter, cut, or change in any way.
When does glass HAVE to be tempered?
Tempering becomes mandatory when safety is in question.  All shower enclosure glass must be tempered. Glass in any door must be tempered by law.  Any window within 24" of a door, or  24" from the ground must be tempered.  Dining Tables or Protective tops that may be exposed to heat or flame must be tempered.  Outdoor Patio table glass must be tempered.
Is there an alternative to tempered glass?
Yes there is.  Laminated glass can be used in place of tempered glass in most cases.  Laminated glass consists of a clear malleable material sandwiched between two thin pieces of glass, and then permanently bonded together.  This process allows the glass be broken, but will stay together 100%, just cracking is allowed.  The cost is comparable to tempering.
Can I temper a mirror?
No. Tempering is not available for mirror.  The heat process would actually melt the silver material off of the back of the mirror, rendering it ruined and unusable.  In rare case, Mirror may be tempered BEFORE the mirroring process.  Large quantities will have to be ordered, and the cost will be higher.
What thickness is my window glass?
Generally, windows are either Single Strength (3/32")or Double Strength (1/8").  Measuring is the only way to tell.  If you have dual pane windows, you will need to remove the window and measure, or we can go out and measure with our "Laser". 
Do you sell the "little snap-in things" that hold my window glass in?
No, unfortunately those are no longer made, and are unable to replace.  Use care when removing these strips.  If they break, you will need to tape off and use colored silicone in its place to match it as closely as possible.
Can you cut my Shower Door glass and make a tabletop out of it? 
No, Tempered glass is not alterable in any way.
Do you deliver?
Yes, we have a flat fee for delivery.  If delivery is purchased, we will also pre-measure your job, and install it as well.
How tall should I make my Workout Room mirror?
First, keep in mind that you won't be standing directly up against the mirror, so there is no reason to have the mirror go all the way to the floor, except for decoration.  If you can keep the mirror above the outlets as well, you can save a few bucks in the costs of labor.  For visibility of the whole body, 6' tall is normally sufficient.  You can decide to go higher aesthetic purposes if needed.
What is the lead time of.....?

Shower Doors - are about 7-10 business days from the time we get the deposit, which is normally half. 
Window repairs- If you bring in a single pane window frame, in most cases this can be done in the same day.  If you have a tempered, or dual pane window, it takes about 3-4 Business days to complete.
Closet Door Mirror replacement-  Normally 3-5 business days.
New Closet Door set- 7-10 business days from deposit, which is normally half.
Vanity Mirrors-  3-5 Business days, 7-10 business day installed.
Tempered Glass- 3-5 Business days
Cabinet door glass- 
5-7 Business days
Do you have a tool for cutting bottles?
No, but we can order one for you to purchase and use at your home.
Do you do Auto Glass?
No, but we can refer you to someone reputable.
What kind of adhesive should I use for my mirror?
We highly recommend 100% pure silicone, aquarium grade silicone or food grade silicone.  These can be purchased at any home or hardware store.  This silicone will not harm the silver on the back of the mirror.  DON NOT USE LIQUID NAILS ON MIRROR.  It will ruin your mirror.
Which methods of payment do you accept?
Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Personal Checks, cash.
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